Feel magazine is an extension of feel desain and this, the very first edition, is a special collection of some of our favourite projects featured over the past few years, as described by the artists, photographers, architects and designers behind them. Some old, some new, some like nothing you’ve ever seen before, all of the projects were carefully selected by us, and we hope they inspire you.
— Feel Magazine | The First Issue

About Feel Desain:

Feel Desain is an online magazine, updated daily, that offers a fresh insight into the emerging design scene, presenting all variations of Design, Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Advertising, Fashion, Video, Illustration, Packaging, Architecture, Viral Marketing, Street Art and Guerrilla Marketing. It currently has over 4 million page views which come from a diverse group of global visitors. In 2013, Feel Desain was selected by Samsung as one of the top 5 online design magazines and trend setters in Italy.

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