Peeling back layers of time to reveal the original dash coat | photo: OOF! architecture


Marli Kitchen is the renovation of a very old kitchen dating back to the early 1850s. As was common practice then, the kitchen was built as it's own little building and completely detached from the main house. It remains detached to this day and enjoys the charms and challenges of an "outside" room.

As much "de-renovation" as renovation, decades of wallpaper, paint and plaster are peeled back to reveal original surfaces as beautiful as abstract paintings. The patina of old surfaces are left untouched where possible and strange old fittings retained. Robust new elements such as a cast in-situ polished concrete bench and exposed brass plumbing maintain the rustic feel while black joinery interiors make everyday crockery and glassware just a little more glamorous.

Photographs | OOF! architecture


Architect | Fooi-Ling Khoo + David Brand


Builder | Owner Builder
Carpenter + Joiner | Wally Zardo
Custom Concrete Bench | Rutso Concrete
Plumber | Andrew J Robertson Plumbing
Electrician | Taylor Made Electrical Solutions