We're SUPER EXCITED to be part of the magnificent Open House Melbourne programme at the end of July. The Hello House will open its doors to visitors on Sunday 26th July only. It's just a little house so visits will need to be booked and tours are expected to book out. Keen? Jump online 10am Wednesday 8 July when tickets become available HERE.

Since 2008, Open House Melbourne has been connecting people with good design and architecture in the city. We invite people to explore outstanding houses, buildings, infrastructure and landscapes that illustrate our rich history, reflect how we live and work, and offer insights into our future city.
— Open House Melbourne

HELLO HOUSE | in Häuser

Hello House featured on the Arena page of venerable German magazine, Häuser. You'll have to make do with these images as the magazine is stubbornly and strictly analogue only. If you must see the real thing, drop in and borrow the office copy.



7 Australian Homes with Spectacular Backyard Extensions

Hello House (with excellent friends) featured on Lifestyle via

On many days, it feels like every family in suburban Australia is renovating their house, or more specifically, commissioning a stellar backyard addition that transforms the existing dwelling in beautiful, surprising ways.
— Jenny Xie,

HELLO HOUSE | Better Homes & Gardens

Great pleasure to host the Better Homes & Gardens crew at Hello House last week. Here's to bringing architecture to the people! Big thanks to Jo and Peter for their generosity & enthusiasm. Fingers crossed it'll all come across beautifully on the small screen.

Stay tuned for the screening date...


HELLO HOUSE | on FeelDesain

We're all for convenience!

Sometimes you’d like to be able to greet all your neighbours, but don’t always have the time to do so.

About FeelDesain:

Feel Desain is an online magazine, updated daily with the latest and coolest news. Feel Desain currently has over 4M page views, which come from a diverse group of global visitors. In 2013, Feel Desain was selected by Samsung as one of the top 5 online design magazines and trend setters in Italy.


Great to see some love for builder & brickie at last! Thanks #JennyBrown for nice article in @theage > @Domaincomau

It's not sexy enough for the design media to get into but credit where credit's due. Every architect knows the difference between a good idea and a great building is a great builder... and a top brickie... and a beautiful joiner... and... the list goes on. Great to see the builder mentioned as one of the reasons we can try to be more than ordinary.


@ArchiTeamCo_Op Award Winner Tour booked out. If any #EagerBeavers still want in, a waitlist has been started

Booking and Waitlisting HERE

ArchiTeam Award Winner Tour 2015
Date: Saturday 21 March 2015

Join us as we visit a selection of award winning projects from last year’s ArchiTeam Awards.
10.30- Merton House, Albert Park
11.30- Artist Studio, Middle Park
12.30 – The Skinbox House, Windsor
1.30 – Hello House, Richmond
— ArchiTeam

I'm part of @ArchiteamCo_Op "Members' Projects" sesh tomorrow evening at #StateLibraryVic. Come & enjoy the archi-nerdism

I'm part of the @ArchiteamCo_Op "Members' Projects" session tomorrow evening at the #StateLibraryVic in the illustrious company of:

  • David Nicholson, Robert Nichol & Son
  • Fiona Winzar, Fiona Winzar Architects
  • John Doyle, Index Architecture
  • Michael Roper, Architecture Architecture
  • Tim Spicer, Tim Spicer Architects 

Come and enjoy the archi-nerdism. Tickets available HERE