Melbourne is set to house almost 100,000 new residents each year, and we need to plan for that growth. This is more than establishing minimum standards, it’s about keeping pace with how people want to live.
— Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne

As a reward for being a judicious filler-outerer of surveys, Fooi was invited to be part of the one day community workshop on better apartment standards run by the State Government last week. No matter how clunky, hokey or weird, it's refreshing to see a genuine attempt by government to ask the community what it wants rather than waiting for it to complain later. Easier said than done of course. The community is a shaggy dog of opinion ranging from "industry expert" or "informed amateur" to "well meaning but misinformed" and what might kindly be called "fringe". Full report in next month's issue of Datum.

Find out more about the process + download the Discussion Paper | HERE


David joins the judging panel of the Re-Imagine the Junction urban design competition. The serious business of assessing & debating the entries has begun... Winner to be announced 20 August. Find out more HERE.

The Re:imagine the Junction competition will aim to re-monumentalise St Kilda Junction, not with a return to the past, but with the imposition of an ambitious future. A future fabric that not only meets 21st Century needs but also heals previous injuries inflicted on Melbourne’s inner-urban inheritance.
— Re:Imagine the Junction


We're SUPER EXCITED to be part of the magnificent Open House Melbourne programme at the end of July. The Hello House will open its doors to visitors on Sunday 26th July only. It's just a little house so visits will need to be booked and tours are expected to book out. Keen? Jump online 10am Wednesday 8 July when tickets become available HERE.

Since 2008, Open House Melbourne has been connecting people with good design and architecture in the city. We invite people to explore outstanding houses, buildings, infrastructure and landscapes that illustrate our rich history, reflect how we live and work, and offer insights into our future city.
— Open House Melbourne

@ArchiTeamCo_Op Award Winner Tour booked out. If any #EagerBeavers still want in, a waitlist has been started

Booking and Waitlisting HERE

ArchiTeam Award Winner Tour 2015
Date: Saturday 21 March 2015

Join us as we visit a selection of award winning projects from last year’s ArchiTeam Awards.
10.30- Merton House, Albert Park
11.30- Artist Studio, Middle Park
12.30 – The Skinbox House, Windsor
1.30 – Hello House, Richmond
— ArchiTeam

I'm part of @ArchiteamCo_Op "Members' Projects" sesh tomorrow evening at #StateLibraryVic. Come & enjoy the archi-nerdism

I'm part of the @ArchiteamCo_Op "Members' Projects" session tomorrow evening at the #StateLibraryVic in the illustrious company of:

  • David Nicholson, Robert Nichol & Son
  • Fiona Winzar, Fiona Winzar Architects
  • John Doyle, Index Architecture
  • Michael Roper, Architecture Architecture
  • Tim Spicer, Tim Spicer Architects 

Come and enjoy the archi-nerdism. Tickets available HERE



I'm part of the "Members' Projects" session for @ArchiteamCo_Op on Thurs 05 Mar at the #StateLibraryVictoria. Do come along to enjoy some archi-nerdism. Tickets available HERE 

Join us for the first CPD of the year as six members present one of their exciting projects. This is a great opportunity to see what other members are working on and to be inspired by your peers.
• David Nicholson, Robert Nichol & Son
• Fiona Winzar, Fiona Winzar Architects
• Fooi Ling Khoo, OOF! Architecture
• John Doyle, Index Architecture
• Michael Roper, Architecture Architecture
• Tim Spicer, Tim Spicer Architects

Find out more about ArchiTeam HERE



Little article in @we_heart on #Magic Mountain with some nice piccies HERE:
"NEW HEIGHTS: The interior and exterior views at Melbourne's Magic Mountain Saloon are worth the climb..."

Phillip Schemnitz: Boss Architect
Fooi | OOF! : Infill Handmaiden Architect