Master of Architecture | University of Melbourne

Studio Leader: Fooi-Ling Khoo


Suburbia + the Great Australian Dream

While the dearly held ambition of owning your own home with a garden on your very own slice of paradise is alive and well, its traditional form in the quarter acre block is over – or should be. Changing social and cultural factors and increasingly urgent environmental concerns suggest that the typical suburban home – in the shape we currently know and love/loathe – is outdated and ultimately unsustainable. The project for the semester is to explore the enduring cultural values of home and “house-ness” as embodied by the suburbs and to propose new forms to keep the dream alive.


Qing Chen, Shaw Yi Xiaofei, Jyotishankha Sharma, Roy Peng Ren, Peter Baker, Thi Phuong Lan Duong, Hebe Min Zhao, Ada Jia Li, Jayendra Vaghela, Binyu Zhao

Guest Speakers: 

Adam Hughes (Delfin Lend Lease)
Rob McGauran (McGauran Giannini Soon Architects)
Domenic Chirico (National Design Manager, Sunland Group)
Bill Robertson (Victorian Design Manager, Sunland Group)
Natasha Palich (Sustainable Design Architect, CoPP)
Mick Pearce (Architect CH2, Design Inc Architects)
Andrew Maynard (Andrew Maynard Architects)
Simon Perkins (Pleysier Perkins Architects)
Peter Clay (Construction Manager, Sunland Group)

Guest Critics:

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