#ESPY WATCH | Calm down @theheraldsun. Locals have not delayed the re-opening of a beloved pub. This is Council process at normal snail’s pace > http://tinyurl.com/pjn5bbr

An over-emotional article in the Herald Sun claims that planning objections by locals have delayed the reopening of the Espy. While objections have been received, 26 to date, it's hardly a "storm of objections". Let's keep it in perspective - close to 10,000 objections were received for Becton's 35 storey luxury apartment development in 1997. It would also be safe to say, at this stage, that the permit application process is merely grinding through at the normal snail's pace. It is clear that the owners had no intention of re-opening for Summer given the permit lodgement date of 18 Aug. Real question: Why close the Espy in May, months before you even lodge a permit?

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